Put yourself in the hooves of a caribou in this science-based adventure!

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Boo the caribou spends her days happily playing with her mom and dad, learning how to break through the snow to reach the tasty grass below. But everything changes when rain comes to the normally frigid Arctic. Ice is much harder to break through than snow! Experience the emotional yet uplifting plight of the caribou as you learn about the science of the Arctic.

It takes skill to bounce your hoof off of different surfaces and reveal enough grass for your family. You’ll carom through 16 different levels, each illustrated with striking original watercolors by Rikki Parent. Rain on snow events are occurring more and more in the Arctic. You’ll witness this challenge right affect your game before your eyes, and how we can help the caribou!

A Caribou’s Tale is based on real science facts, with educational material written by environmental scientists at University of Washington. Additionally, if you are a teacher interested in using this game in your classroom, check out our teacher’s guide!


A Caribou’s Tale is a project of EarthGames and the University of Washington. Samuel Dassler designed and programmed the game and wrote the story. Rikki Parent did the art. Sara Brostrom wrote the educational content. Dargan Frierson wrote the music and was executive producer. Judy Twedt contributed additional writing. Jingyang Wu, Xian Wu, Grayson Sinclair, and Nick Butschli worked on earlier versions of the game. A Caribou’s Tale was first prototyped during the Arctic Climate Game Jam in early 2017.

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