EarthGames is proud to announce the release of Erode Runner, an exciting game that teaches players about coastal erosion in the Arctic. Free downloads available here for both iPhone and iPad and here for Android phones and tablets.  

You play the role of an arctic fox struggling to escape coastal erosion and other obstacles, such as drunken trees and sinkholes. Move fast because, as a result of climate change, the permafrost is melting and sea ice is disappearing. Unfortunately, these factors make the Arctic coast more susceptible to erosion.

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But that’s not your only challenge! Along the coast are lost baby foxes that need to be rescued. Stay focused on your goal— and save as many foxes as you can before they fall into a sinkhole or the Arctic Ocean!

Throughout the game you can take the baby foxes you’ve saved to the den to exchange them for science facts and bonus stuff. Here you’ll learn about the role of climate change and about the many environmental, social, and economic impacts of coastal erosion. Be on the lookout for exciting bonus stuff mixed in with the science!

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Have fun, avoid obstacles, save baby foxes, and learn about Arctic coastal erosion!

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