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EarthGames is a growing community of researchers, game developers and students who share a passion for games and the environment. We’re hard at work adapting the latest scientific research to develop amazing video and board games to teach and inspire players about the natural world and our role within it.

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Life of Pika USEED Campaign


We have launched of a crowdfunding campaign for a new game, Life of Pika!

In Life of Pika, you play as a pika that is trying to collect grass and avoid predators as well as adverse weather due to climate change. Rising temperatures is a serious problem for Pikas, as they must continually climb to higher and higher elevations to avoid overheating.


To support the game-makers behind this project, please visit our Life of Pika campaign page

You can read more about the plight of the Pika at Pikas and Climate Change. 

And follow @PikaPics for adorable pictures of pikas every day!

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