In 1969, Earth was photographed from outer space. Before then, we didn’t have any pictures of the whole Earth – no one knew what our planet looked like.


Imagine you’re the first person to see this photograph. What would that feel like?


Many of us hear about climate in the news, or have friends and family who have been affected by severe storms, heatwaves, or sea level rise, but it has become such a polarized issue that it can be difficult to talk about in everyday conversation.

ClimateConversations was made to spark real conversations about climate with people in our own lives. It’s about listening with curiosity, speaking from experience, suspending judgement, and taking time to discover the complex ways that climate events shape our lives.

All you need is a device with internet connection, a place to have a conversation, 2-6 people, and a dose of curiosity.


ClimateConversations was created by:
Michelle Tigchelaar
Judy Twedt
Riah Buchanan
Katie Doroschak
Rachel White

You can also contribute to the database that underlies this app: