mosquito/NET is a project that gamifies data collection and citizen science for community health and empowerment.  When the Zika outbreak hit her community in Brazil, scientist and educator Renée Codsi empowered her school to protect their health by identifying and removing mosquito breeding grounds to prevent the spread of Zika. Now, in collaboration with EarthGames, she is teaching educators throughout Brazil and Peru how to reduce the risk of mosquito-borne disease with the help of digital games.

EarthGames lead developer Andrew McDonald recently spent the summer updating the user interface and functionality of mosquito/NET.  Now you can track sightings of birds, animals, and other insects in addition to just mosquitos!  We hope this helps users recognize that mosquitos live within an ecosystem, so we need to find solutions that don’t harm other species!

Download the current version of mosquito/NET for Android or iOS.

EarthGames student Nik Gaub has made a game to raise awareness about our effort.  In Slappy Bug, you must protect yourself from mosquitoes by slapping them and by eliminating the standing water where they breed.  It’s practically impossible on Hard — what’s your high score??

Download Slappy Bug for Android or iOS!