Water Ways is a text-based ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ style story that follows the adventures of a sentient, time traveling water molecule, who travels through time to stop various environmental disasters from taking place (it’s exactly as wacky as it sounds).

The first chapter, a prologue, is available for download now. Work on future chapters is already underway, and chapters will be released episodically as they are completed. Feel free to share the game and leave us feedback for later chapters. We’d especially love to hear what you want to see, and if you have any suggestions for the adventures of Agent H2O.

Water Ways was created on Twine as part of the 2016 Climate Game Jam, where it won first place at the College/University level. The story was written by Dargan Frierson and Elisa Bonnin. The second chapter, which explores ocean acidification and other climate impacts, will be released soon.

Water Ways – Chapter 1