EarthGames on Cool Solutions radio show!

The most recent episode of the Cool Solutions radio show/podcast featured EarthGames director Dargan Frierson, Pandemic creator Matt Leacock, and Solutions designer Sam Levac-Levey talking about climate games! Listen below, and check out Deal, Climate Conversations, and support EarthGames here!

An E-bike Loaves and Fishes Tale: From 13 to 13,000 Cool Solutions: Stories of climate action from the bottom up

"When I read in 2020 that Colorado ran a pilot program to give away just 13 e-bikes, I scoffed. What difference could that possibly make? Now I have to eat my bike helmet." – Wendy Ring, Cool Solutions Producer and Host.  Turns out that mini-pilot laid the foundation for Denver's wildly successful e-bike program by proving that e-bikes cut car trips and emissions and that low income folks want to ride them. Denver's program became the model for a statewide program.  That "e" also stands for equity, as removing economic barriers to bikes builds pressure to address unsafe streets in low income neighborhoods.  Guests: Christian Willis, Colorado Energy Office Rachel Hultin, Bicycle Colorado Frieda Mitchell & Darnell Robinson, Can Do CO participants Mike Salisbury Denver Office of Climate Action Sustainability and Resilience Ash Lovell, People for Bikes
  1. An E-bike Loaves and Fishes Tale: From 13 to 13,000
  2. Throwing Shade: Some crops thrive under solar panels
  3. Community Owned Solar
  4. A Garment Worker Victory: Slowing Fast Fashion, Part 2
  5. It's Getting Hot, Let's Wear Less Clothes: Slowing Fast Fashion, Part 1