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The most recent episode of the Cool Solutions radio show/podcast featured EarthGames director Dargan Frierson, Pandemic creator Matt Leacock, and Solutions designer Sam Levac-Levey talking about climate games! Listen below, and check out Deal, Climate Conversations, and support EarthGames here!

When in Vermont, Watch Where You Throw Your Apple Core Cool Solutions

In Vermont it's now illegal to throw your apple core in the trash. Vermont's Universal Recycling Law aka "the landfill ban" went into effect last year. It cuts landfill methane by diverting food to feed the hungry and the soil, as well as banning other recyclables.  How did they do that? How is it going?  What does it matter where that apple decomposes?  A soil scientist, 2 farmer-composters, the head of Vermont's Food Cycle Coalition  and the guy in charge at the state will tell you.  Storytellers: Tom Gilbert-organic farmer, Black Dirt Farm Josh Kelly-Chief of Materials Management for Vermont's Department of Environmental Conservation Chuck Wooster, organic farmer, Sunrise Farm Sintana Vergara- Assistant Professor Environmental Engineering, Humboldt State University Natasha Duarte- Food Cycle Coalition, Composting Association of Vermont  
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