EarthGames on Cool Solutions radio show!

The most recent episode of the Cool Solutions radio show/podcast featured EarthGames director Dargan Frierson, Pandemic creator Matt Leacock, and Solutions designer Sam Levac-Levey talking about climate games! Listen below, and check out Deal, Climate Conversations, and support EarthGames here!

Inter-Tribal Electric Highway Greens Rural Charging Desert Cool Solutions

The inter-tribal charging network will connect upper midwest reservations with jobs, opportunities, healing, and each other.  Project leaders Robert Blake of Native Sun (Red Lake Ojibwe) and Joseph McNeill of SAGE (Standing Rock Sioux) talk about connections: to environmental and economic justice, clean energy, eagles, dreams, and more.   We explore other barriers to rural EV adoption with Matt Fitzgibbon of the Tri States Electrical Cooperative.   
  1. Inter-Tribal Electric Highway Greens Rural Charging Desert
  2. Clean Trucks Coalition Puts Pedal to the Metal
  3. Old Docs Take New Patient: The Climate
  4. Farewell to Factory Farms
  5. Got Methane?