It’s almost Election Day, and your ballot initiative is clinging to a narrow lead in the polls. Voters are concerned about effects on jobs and cost of living, and the press is waiting for answers about difficult policy questions. An angry fossil fuel CEO has contacted you with a proposal that sounds an awful lot like a threat. And do I smell smoke??

In honor of this historic day of climate action, we’re proud to release our newest game, Deal: A Green New Election!  It’s available for free for iPhone/iPad and Android (Google Play).  You can play it on your phone on the way to the climate strike!  Although mobile is the preferred platform, we’ve also created a version that you can play in your browser.

We here at EarthGames are so inspired by the movement building around the Green New Deal.  In this game, you’re part of a team trying to pass a ballot initiative which will be voted on directly by the the voters in your state.

The Green New Deal would mobilize the workforce to build clean energy and resilient infrastructure, while addressing environmental justice and income inequality along the way.  But do you have the passion and skill to get your initiative passed?

Over the 15 week campaign (which can be played through in just 5-10 minutes), you’ll

  • Make decisions about what voters to target and messaging
  • Meet cool characters based on real-world climate activists
  • Respond to difficult interview questions
  • Witness fossil fuel infrastructure disasters
  • Encounter angry CEOs
  • Learn about environmental justice
  • Probably face some pretty harsh opposition
  • And much more…

When making this game, we were inspired by real-life heroes of the Green New Deal, and hope you’re inspired to join their organizations, like the Sunrise Movement, Zero Hour, and  A list of some of our Green New Deal heroes is on this page  — we hope you’ll listen to their speeches and read their words about the Green New Deal!


The team who made Deal: A Green New Election includes:

Dargan Frierson
Jasmine Leung
Arman Kazi
Sisir Kadiveti
Rikki Parent
Erik Huang
Judy Twedt
Andrew McDonald

Thanks to all the play testers and climate activists we worked with as well!

2 thoughts on “Deal: A Green New Election

  1. Played the game twice and lost dismally twice… rather depressing experience! Sort of like eco-trauma psychology… Not sure about this game. I’m an adult. It has some positive educational attributes such as guiding the player through the political green deal campaign process and explaining both why some decisions are not good and the consequences of those decisions.


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