The most recent episode of the Cool Solutions radio show/podcast featured EarthGames director Dargan Frierson, Pandemic creator Matt Leacock, and Solutions designer Sam Levac-Levey talking about climate games! Listen below, and check out Deal, Climate Conversations, and support EarthGames here!

Fox in the Henhouse: Getting Oily Hands Off Climate Research Cool Solutions

For decades university departments, liberally lubricated with fossil fuel dollars, have been turning out research that adds a scholarly veneer to the industry's policy agenda. First that was opposing the regulation of oil and gas; now it's promoting carbon capture so they can keep selling their product. Students and faculty are shining a light on fossil fuel infiltration of academia and organizing to ban fossil fuel dollars from climate and energy research. We talk with undergrads and PhD students at Stanford and George Washington University about their research showing how fossil fueled research is skewing climate policy and how they are organizing to stop it. 
  1. Fox in the Henhouse: Getting Oily Hands Off Climate Research
  2. Solar Cooperatives Bridge Partisan Divide
  3. When One Door Closes: Climate action post-SCOTUS
  4. Irresistible Force Beats Immovable Object: Harvard (finally) Divests
  5. Inter-Tribal Electric Highway Greens Rural Charging Desert

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