For many, education and video games are not things that seem to go hand in hand. Sure, games can have educational aspects or themes, but how could video games possibly be used to teach subjects as complicated as climate change? Yet at the same time, it cannot be denied that gaming connects with people, and effectively captures our interest, with an estimated 2.5 billion gamers worldwide. EarthGames is on a mission to provide the best of both worlds in terms of learning about complex, sometimes near intangible environmental topics in a fun, simple way, through video games. 

Making climate science accessible and engaging is key to addressing the climate crisis, and EarthGames is proud to help contribute to this need. The interdisciplinary work of EarthGames has also caught the eyes of others and is featured in some of these recent press articles. 

EarthGames and Deal: A Green New Election were recently featured in Western Digital as an example of how games can not only raise awareness of climate related topics, but also spur positive social action. 

Additionally, as both a form of interactive art and storytelling, games can prove particularly useful at making complex realities more understandable. The award-winning game, Climate Quest has been featured recently in Science News for Students and Artists and Climate Change, for doing just that: making climate science accessible, interesting, and eye-opening. As explained in both articles, Climate Quest allows players to experience aspects of climate change that perhaps don’t directly affect most of us or seem like distant threats, highlighting the potential video games have to better connect with players.

EarthGames was also featured in Current Affairs to discuss the gamification of education, and how video games can help us to understand climate change in a way that perhaps a textbook falls short. While EarthGames helps to educate on the issue of climate change, many of the games also have an optimistic ending. As explained in the Current Affairs article, facing the challenging realities of the climate crisis means it can take players many times before they succeed. Yet, there is a way to win, helping players retain hope and realize that as daunting as global environmental problems are, they do have solutions.

These are just a few of EarthGames’ recent press appearances, for more check out the Press page!

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