Educational games are far from new, and many of us are probably familiar with playing games like The Oregon Trail in our childhood classrooms. However, educational gaming has changed greatly since the nostalgic days (and misadventures) of clicking through the journey of mid-19th century emigrants on digital ox-drawn covered wagons.  

EarthGames is making it even easier to integrate educational gaming in the classroom, with our free to download climate and ecology centered games and corresponding resources for teachers. We are happy to announce that we now have new Teacher’s Guides for Life of Pika, A Caribou’s Tale, and Infrared Escape

These Teacher’s Guides provide educators with an educational overview, and the Next Generation Science Standards for each game. From experiencing the journey of a caribou facing the odds against climate change, to the mission of an infrared light beam avoiding greenhouse gases as it escapes the atmosphere, students will be exposed to a variety of valuable climate and ecology centered topics in a fun, engaging way!

All of the new EarthGames Teacher’s Guides can be viewed here: 

Additionally, information on all of these games, as well as the other wide variety of climate-centered games EarthGames has to offer can be found on this page

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