Announcing Infrared Escape!

EarthGames is proud to announce our newest game, Infrared Escape!  It’s an action-skill-science game (maybe the first of its kind!), that teaches about the greenhouse effect.  You play the role of an infrared light beam, trying to make it out to space.  Along the way you have to dodge pesky greenhouse gases by tapping left or right.


Each collision with a greenhouse gases causes your beam to lose some energy.  If you keep grazing the greenhouse gases, it’s game over.  This is a game that you will be replaying many times before you successfully make it to space!

Each journey through the air is divided into levels — each one an actual layer of the atmosphere.  A fun fact about the planet is presented between levels.

Making it through the Earth’s atmosphere and into space is a great accomplishment!  It means you’re ray has done its part to cool down the Earth and offset global warming.

The easiest mode is a future where we quickly transition to alternative energy and sustainable living, so there aren’t as many greenhouse gases to dodge.  The harder difficulty modes of the game correspond with a more polluted future.  Only the most skilled player can escape to space in this mode, since greenhouse gases are so tightly packed in the air.  Light-speed reaction times will be needed to conquer the most difficult mode.

Infrared Escape was designed by UW graduate and EarthGames alum Ben Peterson.  It will be available for download soon for phones, tablets, and computers.  infrared escape title.png