EcoTrivia version 2.0 has been released. This new version included completely redone art by Rikki Parent, along with twice as many questions as before, separated into easy and hard categories. Try getting the high score for both! Download now on iOS and Android for free!

EcoTrivia for iOS

EcoTrivia for Android

In EcoTrivia: Save the Animals!, you are led by animal ambassadors through four different ecosystems: a toucan in the rainforest, a polar bear in the Arctic, a clownfish in a coral reef, and a pika in the mountains.  In each area you have to answer trivia questions to protect the animals from climate change and habitat destruction.


EcoTrivia: Save the Animals! was made by Rashmi Sharma, Rittwika Rudra, and Courtney Harris for their Information School MSIM capstone project, in collaboration with Dargan Frierson.  Erica Escajeda provided questions for the polar bear section, and many members of EarthGamesUW helped with testing. Version 2.0 was developed by Samuel Dassler and features all-new art by Rikki Parent, and new science questions by Sara Brostrom and Dargan Frierson.


Check out Rashmi’s project website that describes the entire development process here.