Habitat the Game was created by one of our founders.

Habitat is a web/touch based app where children learn about environmental sustainability through gameplay.  Player’s actions in real life have an impact in the game. In order to progress through the game and keep their polar bear and its habitat healthy, players are encouraged to make improvements to their daily routine that reduce their environmental footprint. Players are also rewarded for visiting real world locations.


Here is a 2 min video that explains the app:

Watch Habitat the Game on Youtube

 The core innovation of Habitat lies in its ability to connect real world actions with in game rewards. Players’ real life actions will be recorded and their behaviours are fed through mathematical algorithms that underpin the scoring system of the game play.  Habitat now has over 8000 on apps and 25,000 kids on line every month, they have have created educational material and they also have over 160 pins in 15 countries. 

 Habitat the Game is available to download for free on all iOS, Android and tablet devices. Visit www.habitatthegame.com to learn more, or find the app on iTunes and Google Play.